Tuesday, March 19, 2013

High Tea at home and other (non)baking sweets

I had the opportunity to use my cake stand a few weeks ago =D I had some relatives over from Malaysia so wanted to make something special :) I've also always wanted to go to high tea ... but its always been so $$... so why not do it at home ^_^"

I made chocolate macarons and berry and nut brownies. Glad that my relatives liked them~ I even had to "replenish" the levels xD hahaha!!
Other non baking sweets I've made are Tiramisu and Blackforest cheesecake. The weather had been so hot lately to actually use the oven.. but thank God it cooled down and I could use it today for catering!
I've also just recently come back from Sydney for a friends wedding but also took a day off to explore and eat around Sydney! And I finally got to go to ADRIANO ZUMBO PATISSERIE: Balmain lab! YAY!!!! got to try Adriano Zumbo's yummy pastries and cakes!!! However I didn't get to meet him or see inside the kitchen because th glass was frosted due to renovations :(... next time next time... So I'll end off with some of his yummy pastries, cakes and ZUMBARONS!!!!
The famous graffiti!!! =D outside the zumbo lab~
delicious crossiants!
PEPTIO: Puff pasty filled with raspberry and white chocolate.. a healthy brekky =p
Mocha, almond crossiant and peach ice tea macaron
Berry brioche! Just exploding with berries!
Assortment of ZUMBARONS
CAKES!!!! so many choices~~
fancy tarts
Mr Tom Brown - milk chocolate coconut mousse, mango compote, milk chocolate ginger cremeaux, coconut ginger cake & milk chocolate glaze
Jun and Jill - pistachio & mint creme chantilly, apricot compote, apricot & saffron creme, pistachio dacquoise, pistachio crunch & pistachio glaze 
Eric is a bananaman3 -chocobanana mousse, lemon & banana creme, flourless chocolate cake, caramelised almonds, salted dark caramel plaque


  1. wOw...I didn't know Adriano had a lab...I can imagine you having your own "lab" one day Tray (:

    1. Yeah it's his "kitchen lab".. probably where he experiments with all his creations. Oh I would love a lab! ahha maybe one day :p

  2. Warrghh I think I'd crazy if I ever went there!So many goodies to choose from.


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