Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scones!!! - perfect for high tea =D

If you're ever planning to have HIGH TEA at home.... scones are a MUST HAVE on the menu! and this is a REALLY simple and easy recipe (with NO BUTTER!!). One of my friends who says she can't bake made these! and now she's in love with this recipe because it's so easy xD - she even made it for Mother's Day~


3 cups self-raising flour
300ml thickened cream
3/4 cup lemonade (the *secret* ingredient =p)
pinch of salt

1. Sift flour into a large mixing bowl
2. Pour the in the cream, lemonade and salt and mix till combined
3. Lightly flour your hands and knead the dough lightly in bowl
4. Place on a lightly floured surface and roll dough out ~1cm thickness (remember they rise!)
5. Using cookie cutter, cute out small circles and place on baking tray. Brush with milk to get a nice golden colour.
6. Bake for 10-15 minutes at 200oC or till golden brown.

Best served warm on the day!! Especially with JAM and CREAM!!!

-tip for whipping cream: if you are too lazy.. just shake the jar of cream and it'll be whipped ^^

Would have liked a bit more colour on them =p

Nothing beats warm scones with jam and cream ;p....


  1. Could I replace the cream with full cream milk?
    It definitely looks easy, and only needs four ingredients! No eggs and no butter too...

  2. Oh and by the way Tray... maybe you could add the option where we can choose to be notified of follow-up comments? Makes it easier because I like reading feedback on my comments..and emails make it easier :)

  3. Hi SumaiyyahAbidah,

    I'm not too sure if I can put the option to be notified for follow-up comments. I think I need your email address first to add it to the list when comments are made. That is a good idea though!

    My friend has tried replacing the cream with full cream milk and a bit of oil so I think that it will still work.

    Yes! very easy! and you don't need to rub the butter into the flour as in most scone recipes :)

  4. oh ok... my email is my username at

    i'm afraid i don't have a lot of time to bake as i'm seldom at home for long. do you have your own place or something?


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