Friday, April 22, 2011

Recipe book - old school

Hey all!!
I havent blogged in a while but now the Easter break is here ... I can do a bit of catching up^^

so I guess u wanna know what I've been up to I terms of baking.. Well gotta sAy I've been baking nearly every week!!! Haha lots of macarons to make xD trying to invent new flavours :p and keep up with orders!! And YES!! Ur wAIt will soon be over! My next blog will be the recipe for chocolate Macarons!! :D so stay tuned :)

I've decided I want to keep a copy of all my recipes ... Esp the good ones! Instead of a random display folder with random pages of recipes. So I've been hand writing them ^^ so old school hey?? But I reckon its cooler .. Kinda like a scrapbook of recipes ^^

My recipe book ^___^

I have 2 sections atm.. sweet and savoury.. guess which section is bigger XD