Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hi guys... I'm so excited to anounce I just had my first WORK CATERING experience!! I guess you're wondering how it came about.... WELL.. a friend was helping to organise lunch time seminars at work however lunch wasn't provided.. as it didn't fit in the budget >< Although there were snacks such as chips, biscuits etc. I just wondered what the budget actually was .. and found out I could actually do quite a bit with that money! So I just asked the person in charge of the food if I could help cater =D
Packing the muffins in their carry boxes ^_^
All the muffins ready to go =D
So... my first work catering experience was today! I made muffins - something nice and simple and that I could make a lot of without spending too much money! After asking others for flavour suggestions I ended up deciding on Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins.. and Banana and Walnut muffins - both simple classics~ If you get it right. The recipe is here :)

So.. did I get it right? =p You will have to ask my colleagues about that XD I took a risk and used a recipe that I hadn't tested... but thank God I think they worked out ok :) Made a total of 48~ and didn't take that long either! So maybe this is the beginning of something BIG for BakingTray! Watch this space ;P
Baking at night~~ raspberry and white chocolate muffins
Banana and walnut muffins
Plated up and ready to serve :)
Like the signs? hehe
Any suggestions on what I should make next week? =)

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