Monday, July 8, 2013

Korean cooking: Ddeokbokki 떡볶이

I'm not much of a cook... more a baker. I love my sweets over my savouries. HOWEVER there is one cuisine that I absolutely lovvveee and really want to learn more about cooking ^^.. that's KOREAN =D =D

One of my favourite Korean dishes I always order at restaurants is DDEOKBOKKI - Korean spicy rice cakes! It's more of a street food in Korea but I just love the chewiness of the rice cake tubes and the flavour of it. Little did I know how easy it was! Don't think I need to order it from restaurants anymore xD

Recipe adapted from Maangchi and Seoul Taste
This is what you need :) The basic ingredients.

500g cylinder shaped rice cake (ddeok)
1 fish cake sliced
2 hard boiled eggs
1 medium onion, sliced
4 cups of water
3 tbsp hot pepper paste (gochujang)
1 tbsp hot pepper flakes (gochugaroo)
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp caster sugar
1 packet instead noodles

So you are supposed to have anchovies and dried sea kelp which I didn't have... so I just skipped that part ><"

1. Place water into shallow pot or pan and bring to boil. 
2. Combine hot pepper paste, hot pepper flakes, sugar, soy sauce and honey in a small bowl.
3. Add onions and hot pepper paste mixture to water and gently stir with wooden spoon when it starts to boil. Boil over medium heat for around 5 minutes.
4. Add in rice cakes, fish cake and boiled eggs and continue to boil until rice cake turns soft and sauce thickens and looks shiny (~10-15 minutes).
5. Add noodles and cook until desired texture. Remove from heat and serve.
simmering away~~
My yummy lunch =D
The other day I received a gift from a friend! It was instant Jjajangmyun :D (짜장면) Korean Black bean noodles! I think it's my second favourite dish =p It was PALDO brand! SO GOOOOD!!!! you just boil the noodles and then add the sauce~ I also fried some onions and potatoes :) Made some Hoddeok on the side ^^ for a KOREAN LUNCH FEAST!
Hoddeok with instant Jjajangmyun! what more could u ask for? :)
mix it up all together and sllluurrrpp! just like in the drama XD

OK! last blog entry before my holiday!!! Keep baking =D!!!! 


  1. Ooohhh!!! I've always wanted to eat ddeokbokki! There are quite a few Korean restaurants in Malaysia but I have to go all the way to Kuala Lumpur which is like miles away from where I work! Your cooking looks so so good!

    1. Thank you! I was just in KL a few weeks ago ^^" Didn't try Korean food though! Too much yummy Malaysian food. If the ingredients are easy to find in Malaysia maybe you can make it? =)

  2. Hai, do you know any store that sell korean hot paper paste?

    1. Hi Mira,

      Just wondering which country you are from? haha.. I am in Australia so you can find Korean hot pepper paste in most Asian/Korean grocers.

  3. This looks really delicious *-*
    i always wanted to try does it taste? Can you describe it?
    i am a bit scared that i'll not like the taste :/

    1. Thank you :) It is really delicious!! Hmm.. describing the taste.. It's a spicy/sweet kind of taste and the rice cakes are yummy and chewy! ("QQ" if you understand that expression). Maybe you can make some and if you don't like it.... give it to your family =p

    2. you're welcome ^^
      and thanks to you too...:D now i definitly want to try it <3


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