Thursday, October 21, 2010

spur of the moment!

I just decided to set up a food blog .. because after looking at my friend's one.. and other random ones! and I've always wanted to as well... I have another blog and was going to change that to a foodie one.. but nah.. i'll keep that separate x)
Anyways as I was walking to 7/11 with a friend.. she suggested that I start up a bakery..and jokingly we started coming up with names. There's already Bread Top.. Bread Talk.. so Bread Tray? then... I came up with: BAKING TRAY!!!! It's perfect =) =) I doubt it will even happen.. but there's always the dream right? :)

So today I trialled a new recipe that looked pretty interesting: Eggless and butterless Chocolate muffins (Allergy free XD)... i mean the photo looked good and it's healthy right? so made them this morning.. i got the recipe from:

and well... they didn't turn out that great... kinda no FLAVOUR!!! So had to rush and made normal Chocolate cupcakes instead! XD for Amy and Julie's graduation =) *that's why i was late guys*

Here's how it turned out:

Left: Eggless and butterless - didn't rise as much

Right: Egg and butter - rose a lot more!

But I'm glad u guys liked it =)

Lesson learnt: You must put eggs and butter! hehehhe

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