Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Birthday food

My birthday = my baking day off =p you shouldn't make your own cake for your bday!! haha..
so had some made for me =)

Fruit  loaf/cake by mum - very healthy cake

Marble cupcakes by Kat - took me a while to work out the msg XD 
Mango sago mousse cake by Aikay - delish :D <3 sago!!
Had a lovely bday lunch at YuErh's house :) thanks for the food guys!! Spaghetti and sushi and sago! mmmm mmm =)
I was very very full so thanks :D

hehe.. i turned 1 YEAR old =p jkjk~ getting old now T_T need to get the recipe off Aikay how to make Mango sago! thats next on my "to bake list" - well technically its not baking.. HAHA.. so stay tuned :)

thanks everyone for your bday msgs... phone calls.. presents... sms <3


  1. somebody stole bakingtray.blogspot D:< HAHA naice blog. hope it was a delicious day!

  2. WOAH that was unexpected, didn't realize my computer remembered table nahum teehee - it's keo btw haha

  3. Hehe a purple food blog!:D thanks for an even more awesome way to procrastinate now tray xD hehe... Well I recently discovered I quite like cooking with pastry...I made palmiers, puffs and quiche the other day....hehe well I can't wait to see more updates from you baking tray! And maybe taste your food in the near future^^ (ps love the baking tray 'pic' in your blog title haha!)


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