Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Taking on the ZUMBO!!!!

I'm not a firm believer in packet mixes... much rather do it from scratch.. however there are some exceptions =p So excited to see that Adriano Zumbo now has his own cake packet mix.. including his famous MACARONS!!! :D 

So what do you get in the box you ask?
1. Meringue mix (all you need to do as add water!!)
2. Almond mix (probably a mix of almond meal and icing sugar)
3. Passionfruit filling (it's like a GEL! so yum! I could eat this on its own!)
4. 2 pipings bags
5. Macaron stencil - to trace a perfect circle!
Contents of macaron mix

Piped macarons.. not as "round" as I would have liked...
*pop* macaron feet!
filling the macarons!!
Haha! just like the store bought!!! ^___^ 
So my verdict!!! Definitely worth it! The flavour was intense! As soon as I opened the packet mix I could smell passionfruit! The gel filling was awesome too!!! :D It took me a third of the time I would normally make macarons. The only downside would be that they were a little soft (but just for my liking...). I really want to try the salted caramel flavoured one now :D

NOW SELLING @ BakingTray $5 per box of 5. See "macaron menu" for ordering details.

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