Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Event bake #2: Melbourne church dedication

It's just been over a month since our Melbourne church dedication.. been meaning to blog for a while but got a bit busy with things >< 

I was asked to bake for this event... and what else to bake but MACARONS =D This was an even BIGGER bake than the previous 120.. This time I just tried to make as MANY as I could over the week - one batch a day. It took me 4 days but I managed to bake 149 and 5 different flavours: Chocoholic, Green tea delight, Strawberry surprise, Mocha madness and Cinnamon donut! I was really happy with the strawberry ones! =D 
my macarons :) thanks to the sisters for arranging nicely~
There were so many other yummy desserts at the lunch~~ YUM! We also made these Melbourne dedication muffins - the theme was blue ^^" 
BLUE!!! white chocolate and raspberry muffins and chocolate cupcakes
Here's a few more pics of the desserts!! Lots of talented masterchefs out there =)
DESSERT TABLE! Definitely the table to go to first =p
DORIYAKI!!! yummy! love this stuff~ red bean filling~
Blueberry muffins ^^
more desserts =D yum yum!
I ate sooooo much!! =D so delicious! Can't wait for the next event I bake for =) 
Stay tuned ;p

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