Tuesday, April 24, 2012


When my colleague walked in the office holding this cake... My jaw dropped in awe!!! it was so AWESOME! I think she realised as well because she said "look at your face!" HAHHA Well who wouldn't have that expression when you saw this cake! It looked like a REAL CRAB!!! I think she should be a professional cake decorator! ;)
So much detail went into the decorating!! Look at the different tones of orange!
Although she didn't actually make the cake or icing from scratch, there is a lot of skill in shaping and painting it to look like a crab. She used mini jam rolls for the cake and pre-made frosting to decorate the cake. Then used a paintbrush and food dye to get the great colours :D

I made some fishyrons to go with the cake~

Poor fishies going to get eaten by Mr crab ><
Oh and if you are wondering.. why a crab of all things? This cake was for a friend as a congratulations on getting an award =) She is researching on Shellfish allergy, hence the crab!


  1. Thats an actual cake...I thought they were crab cakes...and yes, this is sooo cute! XD

    I love it, it looks cool... You don't by any chance have the recipe???...

    I hope it tastes as good as it looks :3 (<<thats a crab face :P)

    1. hehe! yeah it's a REAL cake! I don't have the recipe because it was made from store bought mini swiss rolls... but you can always give it a go ^^


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