Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Birthday baking blessings :)

Hi ALL!! Apologies for not blogging for a while!!! I've been meaning to but just never got round to doing it ><" There's quite a few things that I have been baking.. many are just repeats of old recipes but there are some new recipes that I will post soon!
ready to bakeeeee =D
I'm an OCTOBER BABY so had my birthday last week. It was a really fun day! lots of surprises, cake and presents! so thank you all for making the day so special =)

I have received a lot of baking equipment/related presents over the year - kenwood mixer, sunbeam handheld mixer and electronic scale. But i also received more!! =D I think I am now ready to conquer the baking world ^____^ Here's just a photo snapshot of my baking birthday ^^

Mango and tea swiss roll bday cake at home ^__^
My own cooking book!!! =D
GIANT CHOCOLATE FRECKLE! dont' worry! i didn't eat it all~ shared it round!
Strawberry and apple crumble cake baked by my friend!!!! :) IT WAS DELICIOUS! i might have to steal this recipe and give it a go!
ZUMBO COOKBOOK! YAY!!! As soon as I saw this book in the shops I wanted it! its so awesome! he's so creative~
In that box is a cake stand =D
"The recipe for happiness is many cakes" - i like this quote :)
MACARON card and oven glove :) - special from London ^^
AWESOME APRON!! i'm going to try and make all those flavours so I can wear around my menu =p
and just had to put this photo in.. FAMOUS APPLE STRUDEL from CORICA - northbridge, Perth! must try !!

 So I have everything I need to start BAKING!!! :)



  1. Hehe you have officially built your reputation as a baking fanatic!! Makes it easier for ppl to get to gifts lol xD

    That strudel is huge!!! Is that why it's so famous?

    Can't wait to try youe zumbo recreations:)

  2. Happy birthday Tray (: Hope you had a great day!


  3. Mandii: yeah i think i love baking related stuff even more now! could spend ages in a cake supplies shop ^^" I think the strudel is famous because they have been baking for YEARS!!! - and with the zumbo recreations.. i think i will need to do more research (a.k.a visit DESSERT TRAIN!)

    bbb: THANK U :) yes i did have a great day :)


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