Saturday, March 10, 2012

Phan not "Pham" rice paper rolls =p

Ok before I start, just a warning to readers from Vietnam, these are not true vietnamese rice paper rolls so please don't get offended ><" hehe.. these are our version of rice paper rolls and therefore not authentic!

Back when I was in uni, many people would comment or ask if I was Vietnamese! I'm not sure if it was because of my last name... or apparently my eyes? o.0 but no, I'm Malaysian.. but I do love Vietnamese food ^_^ So the other day when my dad asked what to have for dinner on such a hot day.. I suggested Rice paper rolls =D We hadn't made them in a while and it's a nice cold, simple dish and fun to make!

If you were having a lunch or dinner party, these would be a great idea because everyone can get involved :)

So although there is no baking involved.. and it's not sweet~ I still wanted to blog about it ^^ We cheated a little and bought already roasted BBQ chicken but you can basically add what you want! For example prawn, roast pork, roast duck... the list goes on~~~

The rolling up step proved the most difficult! Here's how I did it~

How to roll up a rice paper roll
1. Dip the rice paper into a large bowl of warm-hot water and after 10 seconds quickly remove and place on plate.
ingredients ready to go~~~
2. Place ingredients into the bottom centre of the rice paper.

3. Roll up the bottom (Closest side to you)

4. Roll up the sides.. left and right

5. Finally, starting from the bottom, roll up the rice paper making sure to get all the filling IN the rice paper ^^ and TA DA~~ you are done!

Note: It can be quite sticky but I realised if you dip the paper just until it goes soft, it's much easier to work with =)

I think practice makes perfect xD

rice paper rolls with dipping sauce ^^
Mmmm =) dip in!!


  1. What is in the dip sauce? I lived in Thailand, and I am looking to find the reicpie for the dip sauce served with grilled chicken and sticky rice.

    1. Hi! I think I know the dipping sauce that you are looking for and unfortunately I do not know that one =/ The one in the photo above is just soy sauce with red chilli.


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